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SOUL Project 🦅

The WILDLIFE CAPS philosophy is based on the unconditional love for nature and its wildlife. For this reason, the ALMA Project was born, a solidarity action promoted by our brand, which will allow us to collaborate every month with the NGO GREFA, dedicated to the rehabilitation of fauna and its habitat , allocating a % of each order to its activity.

You will be part of it, and for this reason every month we will allocate % of our profits to the sponsorship of an unrecoverable animal from the GREFA recovery center , which are those unique species that for various reasons cannot be returned to freedom. Monthly we will introduce you to our 'godson', whom you help with each request to maintain a lifestyle in good conditions.

Visit of the WILDLIFE team to the GREFA center


As the seventh member sponsored by the WILDLIFE CAPS team, we are pleased to introduce you to this wonderful specimen of Griffon Vulture. His name is MOWGLI (male-7 kg), and he arrived at the GREFA shelter from Cinctorres, a municipality in the Valencian Community belonging to the province of Castellón. He was loaned by CR Forn del Vidre due to serious damage to the left wing for unknown reasons. Part of the left wing was amputated and it was classified as an unrecoverable animal.

Mowgli Image

The griffon vulture is an immense and unmistakable bird of prey, endowed with excellent adaptations for detecting and consuming large carrion. With a wingspan of more than 2.5 meters and a weight of 6-9 kilos, this scavenger is one of the largest birds in Europe and also one of the longest-lived.

Adult birds have a general grayish-brown coloration, with the dorsal regions somewhat paler, in contrast to the dark remiges, while the ventral ones are brownish and may appear subtly streaked with a lighter tone. Juveniles, meanwhile, are reddish brown, darker than adults, and have a plumage made up of lanceolate feathers with fine light streaks, which are progressively renewed by others with a rounded profile.

Mowgli in GREFA Refuge

Check-up and injuries: The vets amputated the phalanges of the left wing where it was seriously damaged. After carrying out this intervention, it remained as an unrecoverable animal. When doing a check-up, they also found that his air sacs were highly compressed, due to an increase in lung density. Currently, after several treatments carried out by the veterinarians, he has improved. Below are two x-rays of the before and after of the condition of the air sacs.

2015. X-ray of Mowgli showing the air sac highly compressed

In addition to the above, another of the problems that he has had since he was admitted to the hospital is that he is a bit overweight. He weighed 8 kg, currently around 7 kg, so he has improved, although the vets still consider that he is not at his ideal weight.

In the 2019 revision, they observed that the plantar epithelium was flattened in both paws. This is a common consequence in animals that live in captivity, since they do not carry out normal physical activity and end up with lesions all over their bodies.

Mowgli and his spacemate

Update: Currently, Mowgli is in the cesspool of Grefa with two other Griffon Vultures, two Egyptian Vultures and several Black Vultures.It cannot be released due to the amputation carried out, since although it can flap its wings and take small flights, it will never be the same as before and it is very difficult to survive in the wild

Veterinary check-ups are carried out periodically to assess its state of health and check that it does not suffer any more injuries derived from those it already suffers.

Mowgli's sponsorship certificate

At WILDLIFE CAPS we trust that these solidarity actions will make society aware that every small gesture or contribution can change the lives of these animals, and more importantly, of our planet.

We all join, be part of the change. #WLCFamily