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How to order on our website

Steps to place an order at wildlifecaps.com:

  1. Enter the page of the desired product and click on the button 'Add to cart 🛒', which appears just below the product image.
  2. Once we have added the desired product/s to our 'cart', we click on the shopping cart icon (🛒) that appears in the upper right corner of our screen.
  3. Once inside our shopping cart, we check that we have in it the products that we have previously chosen and we select the lower green button that says 'Finish order'.
  4. Once on the next screen, we will only have to fill in the shipping form with our personal data, shipping address and email. Once we have filled it out, we will click on the bottom button of the page that says 'Continue with free shipping 🚚'.
  5. To finalize our order, on the next screen, we would only have to select our favorite payment method (Bank card, PayPal, DLocal or Google Pay) and finish order.
  6. We already have our order ready for the WildLife Caps logistics team to start processing the order and shipping it in the shortest time possible.